·  What are the AGE Clan Rules?
·  What are the AGE Clan Dues?
·  How are decisions made in AGE?
·  What is AGE’s in-game etiquette?
·  Special Status: AWOL, Returning, Inactive, Delinquent Members

1. The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.  Members of AGE should be respectful of each other as well as public (pub) members (those outside of our clan).

2. All members should display good sportsmanship at all times. Sportsmanship is defined as “conduct becoming to an individual to another involving fair and honest competition, courteous relations, and graceful acceptance of results”. For example: In match play, if you lose, then you owe a “Good Game” and Congrats to the other team with no excuses. If you win, then thank the opposing team for a good match.

3. Blatant disrespect of an AGE Clan member is strictly prohibited. In other words, if you threaten or offend a fellow clan member without any acknowledgment of their feelings, a decision may be made to eject you from the clan after a fair evaluation of the circumstances.

4. Power derives from rank.  This is not a government nor a democracy. Just because you have a loud mouth, type a lot, have an opinion and donate tons of money you will not get you what you want. You will not see this clan tailored to anyone’s personal needs. Your ‘dues’ are to support the clan, and not to get what you want. If there is something you want done contact your superior officer. If that produces unsatisfactory results you may contact the Clan Staff.

5. Solve problems, do not sustain them. If you have an issue first contact your superior officer. If that produces unsatisfactory results you may contact the Clan Staff. If this is a personal issue please settle it on a personal basis (private messages, chat or voice channel). There is no need to air it out to everyone and create further issues.

6. Members are to wear your AGE clan tags (AGE| or AGE if the “|” character is not allowed) at ALL times our servers. If you are seen without your clan tag, you may be removed from clan. We prefer that your wear them at ALL times.

7. You must be at least 18 years of age to be in AGE. If you lied about your age to join us, we’ll find out sooner or later.

8. Members of AGE cannot be in two clans at once which play the same game. Please don’t even apply if you are a part of another clan. In these cases we will notify the other clan of your actions and you may end up being booted from both! The only exception would be if you are in another clan that does not play the same game as we do.  That clan must be made aware of your affilation to AGE.  You must follow our rules as well as their’s at all times.  For Competition Teams:  Each game may be considered opened or closed to non-AGE affiliated teams.  Our members may be part of a non-AGE affiliatedcompetition team if the game in question is considered to be ‘open’.  This game status is ruled on by the clan as a whole and all games are considered ‘closed’ until a vote on a specific game is taken.

9. Members are required to post in the forums and stay involved. The less often members visit and read up on clan activities the less of a member you will be. The forums are our main resource of clan information.  The leadership may remove a member if they are deemed to inactive member (usaually 30+ days of inactivity).

10. Please conduct yourselves in a mature manner on our forums. Any post which flame, degrade or disrespect other members may be deleted and the poster will be dealt with. These posts may be moved to another location, locked or deleted.

11. There will be no name changes unless it is approved by the clan leadership. Don’t post on the forums with a notice informing everyone you’ve changed your name.

12. When members are away they are our ambassidors! Members on servers or web-forums other than our own will conduct themselves with same level of conduct expected here. They must abide by our rules and their’s. Never tarnish the tags!

13. Members must follow the same server rules as public players. Hypocrisy in this regard will not be tolerated.

14. No clan member should publicly reprimand (on the forums or elsewhere) a superior officer or higher ranking member. If said member has an issue, they should bring it first to a superior within their Company for resolution. If that is unsuccessful or presents a conflict of interest, they should bring it to the next highest member within the Command Staff. At no time may any member (officer or otherwise) degrade a fellow member of the clan.

15. All members must be on the AGE Teamspeak3 at all times when playing clan supported games in a multiplayer/online capacity. You must install the TeamSpeak3 client and purchase a Mic and Headset when joining our ranks. The Push-to-talk function is also required.

16. All members will carry themselves with respect and honor.

·  What are the AGE Clan Dues?

We require a $5 USD/month contribution from all clan members to pay for the servers, website, and communications (TeamSpeak3) as well as to help subsidize clan events (such as gaming tournaments, clan meets, etc). Recruits are not required to pay dues during their recruitment and receive an initial trial period of 30 days to get a feel for the clan. This is a flat rate across all games we support.All our finances are monitored and transparent to the clan…it’s completely not for profit and every penny collected is reinvested into supporting the clan.
·  How are decisions made in AGE?

1. The Clan leadership reserves the right to remove any member for ANY reason.2. All clan matches, competitions or dealings should be cleared by the clan leadership.3. Any major decision that affects the clan can be decided solely by Clan leadership or may be put up to a vote by the Clan leader. Many times situations will be discussed with a wide range of members before making a change.

·  What is AGE’s in-game etiquette?

1. Cheating, Hacking or modifications not approved by the leadership will not be allowed nor tolerated. Cheating?? We won’t have it here. Do it and you’re gone.2. Do NOT claim that others are cheating or hacking. Most of the time what appears to be a hack is LAG. When one person begins to complain it starts a chain reaction. Soon everyone is being called a hacker. If you feel like you need to cool down, simply leave! Whining and complaining about it wont do us any good. If you have evidence of hacking inform an admin or staff and we will do what we can. Otherwise, complaining will only exasperate those around you.3. Members of -AGE- should NEVER cuss, degrade or taunt other players using the in-game chat. Remember, you represent the whole clan when you wear our tag.

·  Special Status: AWOL, Returning, Inactive, Delinquent Members

1. Any member AWOL (missing without notice) for a period of 30 days may be removed from the clan and will have to fill out an application to reenlist. If you are in the game everyday but not posting in the forums you may considered AWOL.2. Returning members will NOT rejoin with their former rank in our clan. If you left or were removed you will start over as a new member.3. Any member that does not pay their required monthly dues may be removed. Members undergoing financial hardship are encouraged to contact their Company Command Staff.

4. Members who leave or are removed forfeit any dues given to the -AGE-clan.

5. If you have not made your dues for the month, on the first of the next month the following will occur:
– You will no longer be able to use our TeamSpeak3 server unless it is in consultation of your status.
– You will no longer be able to use our Tags. If you are seen on our server using our Tags you will be banned from it.
– You will have one week (From the 1st to the 7th) to pay your dues. If none are supplied you will need to resubmit an application to rejoin and will lose your rank. You will also lose access to the ‘Clan’ area of the web site at this time.
– You will not be able to use our clan tags, and will be banned from our servers if seen using them.

6. If you choose to claim a status of ‘inactive’ you will not have to pay your dues. But you can not play on our server on any other gaming server. You can not use our TeamSpeak3 server. You must submit your request to Company Leadership personnel and it must be approved by them. Your request should include the length of time you plan to be inactive.

7. Members are expected to pay their dues, whether they use our services or not.  Dues are for being an AGE member, and go towards your brother and sister AGE members.  Dues will be expected to retain membership.