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Welcome to Adult Gamers Elite aka -AGE-. Thank you for your interest in our clan. We are primarily a FPS (First Person Shooter) clan, but more than that we are a Family. AGE has been together since 2004. We have had many nights of intense battles mixed with laughter. By submitting this form, you are making a commitment to our clan if you are accepted. 

To be accepted, you are expected to do the following: 

1) Download, install and use TeamSpeak3 whenever you play with us on our servers.

2) Make a post in the general clan section telling the clan members a bit about yourself (this is mandatory for your application to be approved).

3) Add our tags to your players name. AGE| in the front. Such as AGE|name

4) You will be assigned to a company once your application has been accepted. Schedule a time to speak with your company commander sometime early in your recruitment phase. You will be contacted directly regarding this via PM (Personal Message) on the site. Failure to read your directions via PM will likely mean you will not be accepted into AGE!!! You can find your PMs by going to "Profile" (Top of page) and then to "Messages."

5) You will be required to keep up to date with all of the clan's current events by being active in the forums, games and any other clan special events. Participation isn't mandatory but we ask you log into the website at least once a week to keep up with any announcements or rule changes.

6) You will be expected to follow all of the clan's rules and regulations including both in-game conduct and Voice-TS3 conduct. Failure to comply can result in immediate expulsion from the clan during your recruit period.

7) You must read our Rules and Regulations page! This will give you an in depth look into how we work as a clan.

8) Please fill out our application in full and with purpose. Do not put garbage into the form, we want sincere answers to our questions!

Thank you, AGE Command Staff 

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